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Inside the Army's
RS3 Contract

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The Army consolidated several of its more popular IDIQ contracts into one mega-contract, Responsive Strategic Sourcing for Services, known as RS3. It has a $34.5 billion ceiling and so far it is held by 16 large businesses and 39 small businesses, but more awards are coming later this year in Phase 2.

In this hour-long webcast, we’ll take a deep dive into this vehicle, which is being used to buy a wide range support services related to command and control systems, computers, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems, commonly grouped together as C4ISR.

We’ll address questions such as:
  • Who is using the contract and how is it being used?
  • What types of services are being acquired?
  • What is the status of the Phase 2 awards?
  • How is the customer benefiting from the contract?
  • What’s next?

Army Col. Thomas W. Stocks who is the branch chief overseeing RS3.
He also managed Rapid Response-3rd Generation (R2-3G) that was consolidated into RS3.